As Christians, we can perform music to honor God. In band, we will learn to honor the Lord individually and cooperatively as one “body” not only by developing our musical skills, but also by shaping our personal characters as we use self-discipline, diligence, cooperation, and teamwork.

The expected outcomes for students completing music education in band beyond developing musical skills would be highly developed leadership traits, citizenship, heightened spiritual self-expression, better academic performance, lifelong personal fulfillment, and a better quality of life as suggested by the evidence of countless research conclusions.

Intermediate Band

The Intermediate Band consists of 6th grade students who have completed 5th Grade Beginner Band or are new incoming students who have not yet had beginning band experience. These students are advancing to higher levels of musicianship and performance responsibilities, since they have already mastered beginning skills. Beginner students are encouraged to pursue private lessons to assist them as they strive to participate at the 6th grade Intermediate level. Members are building the necessary technique and abilities to continue on to the Advanced Bands.

Advanced Band

The 7th/8th grade Jr. High Band and the 9th/12th grade Sr. High Bands are involved in Southcrest’s highest level of competition and performance. The Advanced Bands are composed of extremely dedicated musicians who share the desire to further their musical studies in the most advanced setting offered at SCS. (Beginning players are welcome only upon evaluation by the band director and an understanding that they will participate in private lessons as the musical demands are significantly challenging.) The level of personal commitment and responsibility to the groups are extremely high, as each member is vital to the ensemble. These groups are unique in their musical variety and combinations of ensemble repertoire; their members are committed to musical excellence.

Award Winning

2023: TAPPS 2A State Runner Up

2022: TAPPS 2A State Champions

2021: TAPPS 2A State Champs

2019: TAPPS 2A State Champs

Course Description & Objectives

Students in the 5th Grade Beginner, 6th Grade Intermediate, Jr. High, and High School Bands will learn instrumental performing using the Essential Elements 2000 (volumes 1 and 2), Essential Technique (volume 3), and correlated Essential Elements supplemental material along with a variety of warm-ups, technical exercises, band music, field trips, small ensembles, and solo repertoire.

Students will gain a variety of valuable musical and life experiences in the SCS Band Program. Students will be able to perform music at or above grade level. Participating students will gain an understanding of and an appreciation for various music styles and will develop musical worship skills. Understanding and performing music includes learning both the science and art of music. The science of music includes notation and pitches, rhythms, scales/keys, various articulations, dynamics, breathing, phrasing, listening skills, section playing, solo playing, ensemble playing and sight-reading.

The art of music consists of combining these components in intelligent, creative, spiritual, and emotional expression. Students will become aware of the musical nuances and phrasing, and they will develop decision-making skills in performing a musical work. Through committed and focused work, students will improve in the areas of self-control, self-motivation, self-discipline, empathy, patience, commitment, and dedication.

Band is a performance-based course of study and is taught at several levels of student progression. However, each level is a part of the whole body identified as the Southcrest Christian School Band. Throughout the year, each level will have performance opportunities both separately and combined in keeping with Romans 12:5-6