Art I, II & III

Students will be taught in the basic disciplines of art and will be given guidance in applying this knowledge to produce artwork that is excellent and glorifying to God. Our program focuses on giving students the training they need to become excellent in their craft. By focusing on building a strong foundation in their understanding of the basic elements and principles of design and through instruction in drawing, painting, and sculpture, students will develop the skills they need to produce exceptional works of art.

Art I

Students will learn the foundational principles of art production in this introductory class. They are introduced to the basic elements and principles of design and how to incorporate them into their artwork. They will also study the works from famous artists to learn from the masters. The course will cover drawing, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor and acrylic. As students use the elements of line, form, shape, value, texture, space, and color they begin to understand the foundation for producing excellent works of art.

Art II

Students will build on their art foundation to refine their skills and to work on the area of art of which they are gifted and have a passion to produce. This course focuses on both art production and the heart of the artist. They will learn more deeply the biblical philosophy of art that is pleasing to God by studying the Scripture and godly resources to shape their understanding. Those who take Art 2 will have personalized training and will be given time to develop creative exceptional works of art.


Students will take a personalized independent study with our Art Teacher. They will expand and refine their art skills while working with a variety of art mediums. Each student will produce an art portfolio and will have a personal art exhibit to display their work at the end of the school year.