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Admissions Process

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Admissions Process2024-05-08T23:01:34+00:00

Admissions Checklist:

  • 1

    Complete online application. There is a testing and evaluation fee of $100. Click here to Apply Now.

  • 2

    Most recent report card. (grades 1st-12th)

  • 3

    Most recent achievement test scores
    (ex: STARR, SAT, Terra Nova).

  • 4

    Copy of birth certificate.

  • 5

    Current immunization record.

  • 6

    Court ordered custodial documentation.

  • 7

    A copy of any diagnostic testing the student has undergone.

Frequently asked questions

Southcrest Christian School offers a comprehensive Christian college-preparatory education for Lubbock Pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school students. We partner with parents to give our students a strong Biblical foundation for life, equipping them to become effective servant leaders. We are deeply committed to excellence and our program is designed to lay a solid academic, intellectual, and spiritual foundation for our students from early childhood through high school.

Where can I find a breakdown of the tuition?2024-05-07T19:28:42+00:00

We offer value beyond education, please click here to view our 2023 – 2024 tuition chart. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Is the admissions process really ONLY 3 steps?2022-12-20T07:09:51+00:00

Yes, we simplified the process to save you time. Start here, and follow the “simplified admissions process” for your convenience.

What does academic distinction really mean?2024-03-26T02:57:38+00:00

Southcrest Christian School provides a Christian education (Pre-K through 12th grade) with challenging academics in a loving and diverse environment. It is our intent at Southcrest Christian School to equip our students with every tool, not just to be successful and productive, but to be motivators and world changers.

What sports are offered at Southcrest?2024-03-26T03:00:13+00:00

We offer sports programs in basketball, track, cross country, golf, tennis, volleyball, swim and cheer.



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