SOI stands for “Structure of Intellect”. This is a highly researched program proving that intellectual abilities can be identified and trained. SOI is a valuable tool to benefit our students in their intelligence, learning and education. The SOI programs we use focus on the foundation for learning. Successful learning requires a certain level of many abilities to be in place – comprehension, problem solving, evaluation, memory, etc. The SOI programs all work together to ensure that these abilities are where they need to be so that your child can unlock their full learning potential!

Certified Learning

Certified Learning, a web-based program, teaches all of the intellectual abilities your student needs for academic success. The skills and abilities are taught through workbook, computer, and physical exercises at the student’s individual pace. (Kindergarten)

The SOI Model School

For about 15 minutes daily during the middle seven months of the school year, all students undertake SOI activities that develop the mental abilities which teachers assume each student brings to the classroom; e.g., attention span, memory and recall, process orientation, symbol decoding, contextual comprehension, etc. Approximately one to two abilities are taught each month so, in the course of a year, the students will have experienced approximately ten to twelve learning abilities. There is also selected emphasis on advanced cognitive abilities – creativity, evaluation, systems, transformations and implications – required for critical thinking tasks. The students are taught from SOI workbooks, which are articulated in difficulty through eight to twelve activities per learning ability. (1st-5th grades). Read more about SOI Model School here.

Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP)

We also offer the Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) program to students who need assistance with a learning difficulty. The IPP program works to improve attention span, memory, comparison/contrast thinking, eye-hand coordination, systems reasoning, and other skills essential to the learning process. (Offered in 1st – 12th grades)

Structure of Intellect

Our SOI program allows us to assess and measure several key intellectual abilities among our students including cognition, memory recording and retention, among other skills. We then develop and use appropriate training materials to build upon abilities that require additional fostering as well as further enhance strong ones. SCS is the only local private school to offer such a program. It is facilitated by skilled experienced faculty: Katlyn Pedroza and Brand Carter.