In addition to nurturing Christian values and spirituality, Southcrest Christian School believes teaching goes beyond the classroom. It is important to note how the goals for each grade level align with our mission. From instilling strong principles, applying knowledge and faithfulness, becoming leaders, excelling in academia to character development – all of these are vital components to our school culture and strong community. 

Establishing Strong Learning Routines

At SCS, we recognize that children are created by God as uniquely gifted individuals. We seek to provide a meaningful purposeful education based on God’s word. We strive to have a divinely empowered school climate where students are spiritually equipped to serve Christ for today and for the future. SCS provides a child-centered, nurturing and safe environment that meets the individual needs of each child as they learn and grow.

Each morning begins with pledges and a prayer followed by the daily routine of course work. All subjects and activities are biblically integrated, leading students to view the world through the lens of Christ. Our classrooms are active, engaging, thought provoking, and challenging. Small group instruction, whole brain learning, and differentiated learning contribute to a successful classroom environment.

Intermediate Elementary Program Highlights Include:

  • Technology integrated classrooms
  • Weekly chapel service focused on meaningful worship
  • Service projects every semester
  • Bible is a core subject
  • Biblically integrated curriculum
  • Curriculum aligned field trips and activities
  • Strong reading curriculum through Foundations and Frameworks
  • Connection to older students who serve as positive role models
  • STEM program
  • 5th-6th award-winning band program
  • 5th grade state project
  • 6th grade participation in competitive sports

Math Curriculum

Texas Standards (TEKS) – aligned instruction using hands-on manipulatives, a variety of strategies for differentiated learning, and real-world applications. An experienced instructional coach leads the math program with an emphasis on rigor and understanding.

Science Curriculum

Bob Jones, supplemental programs, hands-on experiences, and meaningful lessons to enhance TEKS-aligned instruction. Our science department is led by an experienced instructional coach with an emphasis on connecting science with a Biblical Worldview while enhancing discovery learning.

Language Arts

Writer’s Workshop, Phonics, Spelling and Grammar with cross-curricular experiences.


Foundations and Frameworks, Guided Reading, Daily 5 lessons.

Bible Curriculum

A Positive Action for Christ. “A God-Focus is seeking God’s glory and grace through all things.” Bible is not only taught as a core subject, but is integrated into all aspects of the students’ school day.

Social Studies / History Curriculum

BJU Press, Social Studies Weekly, Texas History TEKS-aligned lessons.

Awarded Model School for the Structure of Intellect

Students participate in activities to “build the cognitive and perceptual strengths that empower students to transition from the concrete stage to the symbolic comprehension required in elementary school.” The Certified Learning program, included for all Kindergarten students, “optimally prepares each student for the transition to the more advanced curriculum.” (SOI Systems)