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Business Information Management I: grades 10-12

Digital Media: grades 10-12

Fashion Marketing: grades 10-12

Graphic Design and Illustration I – grades 10-12

Touch System Data Entry, grades 8-12

Our Needs

An updated technology lab that can support your students in their technology learning. Parental support has allowed us to begin replacing the older technology in our on-site learning environment. Our new lab design includes dual-monitor computer systems with an increased software suite, graphics tablets, and modern iPads. This will allow students learning opportunities similar to current collegiate and business environments.

Our Goals

To implement changes in the course structure that offer students greater flexibility in course choice, providing them multiple opportunities to increase their future earning potential through vendor and industry approved certifications. All information technology courses will now be available during multiple periods of the day. We will now offer several lab sessions in which students may take any of our new certifications. This allows greater schedule flexibility while still providing a managed lab environment for increased student success.

Our Commitment

Southcrest Christian School is committed to providing your student with an opportunity for a modern, innovative Information Technology curriculum to support the Biblical learning currently in place at our school.

Southcrest Christian High School Offers Modern, Flexible, and Updated Courses to Best Prepare Students for the Future.