Mar 1, 2015

Education is Powerful

The "Superintendent's Slant" by Linda Merriott

In a recent article by Josh Mulvihill, I read that “Education is powerful and is never morally or spiritually neutral.” Education takes approximately 16,000 hours between K-12. An average church going child spends approximately 104 hours at church in one year and about 1,400 hours in school. Imagine how impacting that time is in the life of your child! When you realize that your child is spending about 37 hours at school and about 27 waking hours in your home on Monday through Friday, it makes you think about what that school represents. Is it teaching from secular humanism or a Christian worldview? Are your children being taught ethics, character, morality, work ethic? Are they feeling loved and safe? Are they being taught your Christian belief system?

The culture of a public and a Christian school are vastly different. At SCS we are continually and intentionally teaching our students a Christian worldview. Your student is in a faith-shaping, mind-molding, and belief-forming environment. Does that mean your child is never exposed to worldly things? Far from it, all Christian schools have the same problems that public schools have but on a much smaller scale, and Christian schools can discipline differently with parental support and with Christ centered resources. We can also expose students to the non-Christian beliefs they will encounter and help them understand the difference between a Christian worldview and others. It takes the partnership of Christ-centered and involved parents and a Christian education to raise a Christ follower who is sold out for God’s plan in his or her life!

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”