Feb 14, 2018

Superintendent's Slant by Linda Merriott

What are 'snowflake' children?

I recently heard a new term for our children.  Some childhood experts are calling them ‘snowflakes’ because they are being raised as if they are soft and delicate with a strong sense of their own uniqueness.  They point out that students no longer have internal motivation to work hard and succeed because adults have done everything for them and have protected them so fiercely that they have received the message “I am not capable of owning and solving my own problems.”  In a society that hands out trophies for everyone who participates, they have also received the message that they are special, unique and entitled.  Motivation problems arise as well with a generation that has been raised on media and technology.  Brain research shows us that the pathways between the work center and the pleasure center in the brain are breaking down due to the pleasure center always being lit up while playing video games etc. and the work center hardly ever being utilized.  God designed us to find pleasure in doing work that we love.  Evidently this is not happening with many of our younger generations.


Let me assure you that at Southcrest Christian School we are doing all we can do to combat this malady.  Our students are doing specific brain training techniques in elementary.  In all grades, lessons are designed to encourage critical thinking.  In every classroom, teachers are modeling thinking out loud and discussion is a part of the learning process. We are very intentional about requiring problem solving and thinking skills.


Still, we are seeing a lack of motivation in many students.  There are things you can do at home that will help with this:

Assign contributions that they can make at home to help keep the home running efficiently. Require them to be responsible to do these chores. It makes them feel like a valued member of the family whether they admit it or not.

Allow them to problem solve and make lots of decisions even if they make mistakes.  This allows them to learn and should happen when they are young and consequences are small.  (Of course, we do not allow them to make decisions when something is dangerous.)

Limit their exposure to gaming and alone time with technology.  We want every part of the brain to be in working order.

Feel free to attend Parenting with Love and Logic classes.  We meet every Sunday at 5pm and every Tuesday at 12noon in the University area for the next five weeks.  It is our joy to partner with you in educating parents and students to be all you can be for God’s glory! Below are some links of great articles on the subject:


https://growingleaders.com/blog/ (search How to Build Snowmen from a Snowflake Generation)