Sep 7, 2016

Why Students Leave Their Faith

I recently read an article about why Christian kids leave their faith in college.  John Stonestreet with Summit Ministries spoke about 4 reasons they abandon their beliefs and the full article is available at as an article called "Why Students Leave Their Faith".  Summit Ministries is a great resource for families and you can sign up on their website to receive articles etc. 

In this piece, it talks about the need for every individual to have someone who mentors them and believes in them.  For most of us this happens in our home.  There really is no substitute for the difference made by a loving and stable home.  According to John Stonestreet, when talking with students who are on the verge of walking away from God, about 90% of these students have had something happen in their home that has caused a crisis of belief.  Furthermore, about 90% of the time it is directly related to the Dad!  In the heart of every child there is a need to know that their parents love them, working for their good and will be there for them.  What a blessing it is to have loving parents!

Those of us who are dealing with being a single parent, for whatever reason, can take heart because God is bigger than we know.  As a single mom who adopted from China, I have told my daughter from the time she could understand that she may not have a daddy on earth, but she has a heavenly father who loves and cares for her like no other.  God has also sent uncles into her life who pick up the slack. I think as single parents, we can usually make sure our children are connected to a loving mentor and we need to do so.

Sometimes as single parents and even couples we find ourselves too busy to be a loving mentor to our own children.  We allow the IPAD, phone, computer, or even the television to become our babysitter and take our place.  Children desperately need quality interaction with their parents at home!  Thanks for all you do to mentor your child!  It will matter greatly in their future!